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About Me


Brennah and Family

The Baker


I’m Brennah, and it’s so nice to meet you! 


I’m your New Hampshire baker with a knack for creating the perfect pie and a love for bringing a little extra sweetness into people’s lives. 


Baking is like a choreographed dance around here. The pan lifts, the knob turns, the fluid movements, the arabesques, the opening and closing of the oven door, the mixing and decorating and–whew! I’ll stop there. In all seriousness, baking alongside my husband and my dad over the years, we have such an established rhythm together that we really do joke that it’s “like a dance.” 


The History 


At Home

In our home, we believe traditions are meant to last. Some of my earliest memories are of baking in the kitchen with my grandma at Christmastime–sampling the mixture, tasting our latest creation, seeing others enjoy our masterpiece. 


These special moments and traditions are part of why I started Baked by Brennah and why I love being a part of life’s special moments with your family. 


Working from our cottage home in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, I balance my technical skills with the comfort of too-good-not-to-eat delicacies.


As a Pastry Chef 

At the start of my career, I was fortunate to land some wonderful internships that helped kickstart my love for the industry. Once I graduated college, I began working for a Restaurant Group where I started at the very bottom as a pastry cook and within two years worked my way up to become the pastry chef.


This opportunity single-handedly gave me a challenge every day (and not just because I was the only female chef on the management team). I was thrown a curveball so often that I felt like I could be in an Allstar game alongside Bryce Harper (at least while he was on the Nationals!). 


As challenging as this position was, I learned what my limits were, and it gave me a clear sign of what I was meant to do with my professional life:


1. Be my own boss

2. Start my own business


I’ve always loved how my pastries are a part of people’s most cherished memories, and I knew I wanted to still do that–just on my own terms. So, when we moved to New Hampshire, I took the time to craft exactly what I wanted Baked by Brennah to be.


The Legacy 


Nowadays, when I see the delight in my son’s eyes when we make cinnamon rolls together, I know I’m doing exactly what I was meant to do, and the fact that I get to carry on these traditions with him, while creating a business I love, has given me a new sense of purpose. (I think he may even be the next legend in the baking ;)...)


Each baked good I create–from bagels, cakes, cookies, pies, and macaroons–helps you create memories and traditions with those you love too. 


Seriously, consider me the girl next door who knows a thing or two about nailing the perfect bake, while creating memories along the way. 


Eager to know more and order some ah-mazing things? Shoot me a message, and let’s make it happen!

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